• Remedial repairs

  • Structural & Non-Structural Cast-In-Place Concrete Repair

  • Precast Concrete Repair

  • Concrete cancer repair

  • Expansion joints

  • Waterproofing

  • Pool refurbishments

  • Rendering

  • Façade restoration

  • Balconies, Stairs & Driveways

  • Slabs

  • Columns & Piers

  • Flat roofs & Concrete Awnings & Planter Boxes

  • Parapet walls 

Additional services:

At SILEX we provide whole of building reports, engineering solutions, water ingress solutions, concrete testing, waterproofing leak detection, compliance reports, project management and project supervision.

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Structural Concrete Repairs

Ensuring your facility undergoes regular industrial maintenance, such as structural concrete repairs, conducted by a team of experts is the best way to spot issues before they impact your business. SILEX works closely with our clients to evaluate, develop and implement value engineering solutions that deliver vast improvements to their operation.

Working across the commercial, industrial, governmental and resource sectors, our specialist workers cater to projects based throughout Canada. This experience ensures our assessments provide exceptional guidance that lowers your repair costs and extends the life of your machinery, structures and facilities.

Routine and Preventative Maintenance

SILEX offers routine and preventative maintenance services for industrial infrastructure, including plant rooms, warehouses, steelworks and offices. We can also inspect and perform structural concrete repairs on everything from roads and car parks to footpaths and tanks.

Major benefits include:
  • Efficiency: SILEX Services is the most efficient in the industry. Our highly reduced dust and rebound gunite machines increase both the efficiency of application as well as hugely reduce product wastage onsite. Video footage and demonstration available.

  • Quality: SILEX Services has exceeded all Quality Control set out to them in all major civil projects. SILEX Services has never failed a testing procedure onsite. This includes compressive, bond strength and geography testing. SILEX has achieved results up to twice and three times set out by specifications using our standard systems.


  • Environmental: The reduction of dust and rebound has huge benefits in containing the surrounding sensitive environments. Contamination risks are hugely reduced as well associated clean-up costs.


  • Safety: Great reduction in airborne dust and cement particles,this leads to a safer working environment for those in the work zone. Huge reductions in the possibility of skin irritation and repertory issues. SILEX  Machines have custom built safety controls.

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Elcio Silva has over twenty years’ experience in the construction of concrete structures on significant projects throughout Canada. He brings a broad range of expertise in operations and is involved in all facets of the company’s operations, with extensive experience in the property and construction industry with a proven track record in successfully delivering large complex projects within time, budget and to a quality that exceeds client expectations. He has significant experience in the design, construction and execution of a diverse range of project types and this background in operations and business management underpins our business performance and client care.

He is recognized as a driven leader who ensures projects are efficiently delivered through systems, processes and solid technical detail.

Elcio has been a key professional of Forum since its inception over 24 years ago and over that time, he has focused on developing the design operations, business and technology systems, industrial relations, compliance, health and safety systems, quality systems and staff training.


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